Track of the Day: Snakedoctors – Got Him Another Girl

The world is going through a degree of uncertainty dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic meaning a lot of people are dealing with health problems – mental and physical. Yet, while there is negativity in today’s reality, there are some positives shining through and one is the increase in creativity. Formed in May 2020, four neighbours embraced their creativity and began releasing a ground-breaking style of music. It seems there always is a silver lining in each cloud.

Despite being a rather new group, Snakedoctors are receiving acclaim from across the globe. Featured on Less Than 1000 Followers, Lost In The Manor, Jamsphere Rock Radio, Music Is To Blame, Teraz Rock and various playlists, Snakedoctors show they are not to be ignored. One of the latest additions to their well-received repertoire is the single ‘Got Him Another Girl’.

Following their post-punk track ‘Girl With Sponges’, Snakedoctors adopt a more grunge sound with ‘Got Him Another Girl’. Lying somewhere between Radiohead and Talking Heads, the showcase their obscurity and innovativeness in a toe-tapping and head-bopping way. It’s true that the hazy ambience effortlessly engulfs a listener; however, the unique vocals act as an anchor blazing through the ethereal soundscape. What I truly enjoy is the distorted guitar harmonically blending with the pounding drums leading to an intoxicating listening experience.

It’s always difficult for me to adequately describe songs that are too outstanding for categorisation – ‘Got Him Another Girl’ is one of these songs. Intimate and intense with a cheekiness in the content, ‘Got Him Another Girl’ easily connects with people on a deeper level. Its elegant grittiness, accompanied by the brash vocals, makes the track easy to listen to while retaining a sense of poignancy.

I love Radiohead because of their hazy, swirling sonic style, and Snakedoctors easily follows suit. I’m not saying they are Radiohead copies but definitely in the vein of that band. In fact, we could ask if these lads are the Radiohead of 2022? They just might be.

In addition to their single, Snakedoctors released an official music video for ‘Got Him Another Girl’. You can view it below or on their YouTube Channel.

For more from Snakedoctors check out their official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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