Track of the Day: St. Buryan – Torn Apart

St. Buryan is an unsigned indie-rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. They consist of Ben Mackett (vocals), Callum Palmer (lead guitar), Jacob Mallon (bass guitar), Nathan Gooch (guitar/vocals) and Rhys Melhuish (drums/percussion). The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Torn Apart’.

The track starts with gentle guitar riffs, the vocals kick in soon after and they sound great. Mackett sings about saying sorry to someone over and over again and feeling like they’ve said it about one hundred times. He also sings about thinking about what they have left and where they are; he seems like he’s desperately wanting to save a relationship with someone and hoping it will work out. He sings about how he feels so small because he’s talked for an hour and getting nowhere.

Instrumentally, Melhuish’s drumming in ‘Torn Apart’ is great and Mallon’s bass is amazing. The guitar riffs throughout the song are very captivating and gentle. Overall, ‘Torn Apart’ is a catchy earworm that will have you bopping your head for hours.


For more from St. Buryan check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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