HMS Morris – Partypooper (2020)

Life is full of ups and downs with the ups quickly turned into downs by the internal downer we all have inside. HMS Morris offers a response to the rollercoaster of life and the internal negatives we all have in ‘Partypooper’. While everyone deals with their internal gremlins in their own way, the band hopes to chase them away with a fast-tempo number full of wailing and horns. This lively single is the fourth and final track in their ongoing release series.

The upbeat response to negativity comes from Heledd Watkins (vocals, guitar, synths), Sam Roberts (bass, synths, loops, backing vocals) and Wil Roberts (drums). They have been together since 2015 and have been taking the industry by storm with their first two albums earning Welsh Music Prize nominations. After taking their music around the world, the art-rock band is hooking everyone again with this single.

‘Partypooper’ hits you with fun Latin vibes from the start with a strong melody. The lively horns are a blast to listen to as they draw you into the single and dance around the chorus. The melody has a wonderful vibe to it as it makes you feel good. The feel-good fast tempo of the melody eradicates negative feelings. There is a drop in the lively soundscape close to the middle of the track where the horns turn mournful. Fortunately, the lively beats come back and chase the partypooper in your mind away.

While the melody fills you with good vibes, it is Watkins’ vocals that really make you want to move to the rhythm of the track. There is a wonderful flow to her performance that pulses through you and has your shoulders moving to her groove. The nuances of her vocals are wonderful as she enhances the Latin vibes while hitting you with an electronic edge for the chorus. When the melody drops, her vocals take on a more melancholic flow only to kick the sadness and negativity with a fun blast.

HMS Morris is chasing away negative emotions with the lively Latin sounds of ‘Partypooper’. The melody hits you from the start filling you with good vibes. Watkins’ vocals add to the lively flow and get you moving as she chases negative gremlins from your mind.

Find out more about HMS Morris on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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