Fintan McKahey – Goodbye (2020)

Following his success with his last single ‘Platinum’, Fintan McKahey is back with his pop track ‘Goodbye’. This love song takes a different approach as it looks at things from the other side of the fence. Focusing on the end of a relationship, it considers the struggles and how both sides cling to the relationship in hopes of salvation.

This song uses more downtempo elements and combines it with an ambient production. Irish singer Ava Archbold is featured on the single adding her luscious vocals to the mix. The song displays a maturity in McKahey’s sound that completes the evolution of his music.

‘Goodbye’ draws you in with a sultry guitar line and takes you to McKahey’s low and smoky vocals. His performance is complemented by the backing of Archbold and together they create these lush harmonisations. There is a melancholic tone to both vocal performances which melds with the downbeat melody. Both vocal performances are perfect and drive the emotions of the track while painting the two sides of a relationship.

While the emotive vocals form a lush layer, the melody forms an intricate base. While the melody seems minimalistic, there is something about the arrangement that is enthralling. The plucking notes blend with the ambient elements and darker tones to swirl around you and the vocals. There is a precision to the production that showcases the maturity of the production and polishes everything off.

Fintan McKahey is joined by Ava Archbold to tell the tale of the end of a relationship using smoky tones and downtempo beats in ‘Goodbye’. The track has a minimalist melody, but the vocals offer all the richness that you need. The arrangement of the single is amazing and you can easily listen to it on repeat.

Find out more about Fintan McKahey on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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