Track of the Day: TATARELLA – Lontano Dai Ricordi

Combining his talents with pianist and producer Gaetano De Luca, actor and singer-songwriter Antonio Tatarella is sharing music with the masses. Performing under his stage name TATARELLA, the Italian artist draws together sentiments of alternative rock to sensual pop, TATARELLA has a mellow and enchanting quality to their sound. While the De Luca and Tatarella met in 2006, they have only one single to their name – ‘Lontano Dai Ricordi’. In fact, this is the single we are reviewing today as our Track of the Day. Come with us as we indulge in some Italian awesomeness.

Recorded with Davide Frezza (drums), Daniele Pirozzi (guitar), Roberto De Rosa (bass) and Gaetano De Luca (keys), ‘Lontano Dai Ricordi’ has a rock-influenced tinge to the contemporary pop style. Add Antonio Tatarella’s vocals and you have a hard-hitting, powerful melodic arrangement. My experience of Italian music tends to revolve around Il Volo, however, there is a strong reminiscence to the dynamic gruffness of Eros Ramazzotti. The thing is, while I can make this comparison TATARELLA has a distinctive sound that is utterly inimitable.

Pounding drums, guitar riffs and soothing keys make a melodic arrangement that ensnares your senses and leaves you breathless. While the melody does hold its own, it is the poetic lyricism and Antonio Tatarella’s voice that enhances the song’s intensity. TATARELLI shares that ‘Lontano Dai Ricordi’ (translated to ‘Away From Memories’ in English) is a track that “…speaks of the desire to grow up and get out of our self-built cages. It speaks of the demons that crowd our mind and keep us tied to our fears and uncertainties. Of the daily struggle that each experiences to seek freedom…” – this is all translated from Italian, so bear with me.

Sensual and intimate, TATARELLA sends chills down your spine with their latest single. I am a sucker for Italian artists, particularly those who sing in Italian, but ‘Lontano Dai Ricordi’ carries me away on a sonic cloud in a way Il Volo never will. I cannot wait to see what else TATARELLA has in store.

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