Track of the Day: Vantreux – Taboo

Despite being in the woodworks for several years, the artist Vantreux only began sharing his music with the masses in September 2020. Inspired by loved ones, Vantreux merges elements of hip-hop with indie-pop and emo-rap. While we do not have too much information about the US-based musician, what we can tell you is that his sound is unique. We are pleased to introduce you to Vantreux with his debut single ‘taboo’.

A collaboration between up-and-coming videographer Emma Bishop, ‘taboo’ was written, recorded and produced at Vantreux’s home studio. Oddly enough, ‘taboo’ almost did not see the light of day as it was nearly deleted before release. Caspian, Vantreux’s roommate’s cat, began working on the keyboard after sneaking into the studio almost hitting the delete button. Fortunately, the cat’s unintentional plot was foiled as Vantreux walked in at the right moment preventing any deletion…we are so thankful for that!

Based on the experience of infidelity within a romantic relationship, ‘taboo’ takes you on a journey through ending this toxic relationship. With a smoky intensity, Vantreux shares an intimate narrative of dealing with this type of heartache, betrayal and confusion. The drumbeats and interspersed guitar do add to the angsty ambience, but it is Vantreux’s bold vocals that dominate the song. I find this intriguing as it is not only following the design of hip-hop artists but also adds intimacy to the angsty soundscape.

Yes, the song looks at cutting ties with a lover because of her betrayal and the painfulness of this act, but there is a deeper element to this material. Instead of telling us about the hurtfulness and desolation, ‘taboo’ has a lingering essence of empowerment and hopefulness for the future. A melodic harmony between the gruff vocals and indie-pop meets rap instrumentation exposes human fragility but says “well, I can live without you”!

For more from Vantreux check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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