Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue – I Can Run Faster Than Your Car (2020)

Technically, the UK indie-pop group Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue was conceived when Kami Ivanova (vocals and guitar) and Zak Lyons (guitar and keys) attended the same Manchester university. During these years, the duo wrote and recorded what would become Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue’s first EPs – Go! and Sugar Freak. After graduation, the twosome headed back to South London and recruited Adam Thomas (bass) and Craig Medlin (guitar); hence, the current Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue was born.

A genre-defying quartet, the group’s innovative and eclectic spirit is heard in every song they spin. Even before receiving coverage from notable publications like Its All Indie, Words For Music and Our Sound Music, Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue had a reputation for engaging and entertaining music. The latest addition to their repertoire is the single ‘I Can Run Faster Than Your Car’.

Using experimental approaches to music, Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue are moving into a new era on their musical journey named Something I Can Feel Alive In Anthology. The aim is to release several singles reviewing moments were the members felt most alive, the things they appreciate and their vices. ‘I Can Run Faster Than Your Car’ is a humorous and witty take on relationships and empowerment.

“We wrote ‘I Can Run Faster Than Your Car’ the same day we wrote our song ‘Dinner Party’. After writing ‘Dinner Party’ we felt bold in our lyric choices and began throwing increasingly ridiculous lyrics at each other. This led to many lyrics being cut from the song as we were suggesting things to make each other laugh, but the metaphor of the relationship being a car the character no longer needed and could outrun felt original and intriguing.” – Zak Lyons on ‘I Can Run Faster Than Your Car’

Lyrically, the track is warm, endearing and quite amusing with Ivanova’s vocals enhancing the emotional depth of the single. Yet, it is not Ivanova exclusively who captures your attention, but the melodic combination of instrumentation and her vocals. Delivering an upbeat indie-pop sound, the guitars meld with drums and synths bring a summery vibe to the single. While running faster than a car is a metaphor in ‘I Can Run Faster Than Your Car’, Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue is miles ahead of other emerging artists running far faster than them.

For more from Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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