Under Delusion – Awaken (2021)

Under Delusion has taken us from energetic and provocative tones in ‘Shame’ to atmospheric melancholy with ‘Follow Me’. Now, they are filling our ears with a darker melodic sound as they swirl alternative rock around enchanting vocals. ‘Awaken’ continues the mixture of low-timbered female vocals, groovy synths and epic guitar riffs that are sliced through with meaningful lyrics.

The seventh track from this emerging rock band, it is a sonic blast from start to finish. If you like your rock to carry modern tones on a bed of familiar classic rock, this is definitely one single you don’t want to miss. Calling out to the deep thinkers and the emotionally uncertain, the band offers a sense of solace and escapism from a world that can often be too much.

‘Awaken’ pulses with light synths that reach across the soundscape and draw you toward them. The lightness of these synths is chased away by the darker push of the guitars. This warps the synth tones into a darker sound, that swirls rather ominously in the lower levels of the track. When the melody flows into the chorus, the guitars make a comeback to push everything to a new level. The rock tones spike through the melody and propel you into the synths at the end of the chorus. It is a really melodic movement that takes you to great heights, before dropping back to the darker synths.

As the dark synths make their first appearance, the vocals cut through them and crook a finger at you to beckon you closer. The vocals carry an enthralling edge that cast a spell over your senses and have you giving in to them without a fight. There is something rather seductive in the almost dark touch of the vocals. This vocal delivery enhances the message of the lyrics, as you struggle against the push of the darkness. As the spikes of the chorus hit you, the vocals are tossed into the stratosphere, as they soar and fly out into the dark night. The band takes you on this soaring journey with them, and fills you with a feeling of weightlessness that is quite addictive.

Under Delusion draws you into a swirl of dark synths and propelling guitars as the vocals cast a dark spell over your senses in ‘Awaken’. The movement of light to dark is wonderful in the opening, but it is the ominous soaring of the guitars and dark synths that really get you hooked. The vocals slice through the sound to enthral and pull you further under the spell of the band.

Find out more about Under Delusion on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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