The Wolery – Prison Song (2020)

After meeting through a music programme in Long Island, two New York-based rockers decided to form the group The Wolery. Combining alternative rock with indie-rock and hints of punk undertones, the duo showcase originality and versatility as artists. Formed in 2020, the duo are relatively new fish in a big ocean; however, their dynamic sound will ensure that they stand out amidst the crowd. The first single in their discography is the track ‘Prison Song’.

The brainchild of frontman Cal Balding (vocals, guitar, bass, production), The Wolery place insightful lyrics atop melodious instrumentation. Add the talents of drummer Chris Lagnese and you get something lying between Radiohead, The Smiths and Neutral Milk Hotel. Using a narrative style, the duo focus on existential themes ranging from drug addiction to mental health challenges. ‘Prison Song’ looks at sexuality and society.

The first single off The Wolery’s upcoming album At The Base Of A Crucifixion, the group describe ‘Prison Song’ as part of “a rock opera about a man’s struggle with his sexuality in a devout Christian society.” Effortlessly weaving heavy guitars and pounding drums with introspective lyricism, the lads create a cinematic soundscape with this track.

“This song is about the main character of the album being arrested. I don’t want to spoil too much of the record’s storyline, but it’s a very pivotal moment on the record to say the least.” – The Wolery on ‘Prison Song’

Introspective, engaging and compelling, Balding and Lagnese showcase the intimacy of their poignant lyrics. Yet, it is Balding’s soul-stirring vocals that bring out a fragility, vulnerability and desperation in ‘Prison Song’. Drawing on the angst of emo and the abruptness of punk, The Wolery demonstrate a rather effortless genre-defying sound. With sophistication and maturity beyond their years, the lads are definitely ones to watch as we enter 2021.

For more from The Wolery check out their official website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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