Velvet Starlings – Karmic Lemonade (2020)

Christian Gisborne (vocals, guitar) is the young singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer behind Velvet Starlings. Together with Daniel Kostenko (drums) and Tiaday Rocke (bass), they draw on the influences of raw blues and vintage guitar to amaze their listeners. Their latest release ‘Karmic Lemonade’ is a turnaround from their last and has an accompanying music video.

The track is more cathartic than their previous release and looks at coming to terms with a lost love. The song follows the protagonist as they seek the equilibrium to move forward. It also charts the turn of a relationship from sweet to sour.

‘Karmic Lemonade’ doesn’t waste time hitting you with its energetic melody. There are lively guitars and an organ threading through the background. The melody is full of pop-rock sensibilities that are designed to get you moving. There is something fun about the beat to this song that hypnotises you and does not let you go.

Gisborne’s vocals are as upbeat and fun as the rest of the song. The melodic tones of the vocals are powerful and push the lyrics of the track. Lyrically, the song delivers its message in an engaging way while providing a gritty edge.

Velvet Starlings will get you moving to their lively single ‘Karmic Lemonade’ that is sweet with a hint of sourness. The track is full of energetic guitars, glowing organ notes and engaging vocals. If you are looking for a summer tune that has a deeper meaning, this is the track for you.

Find out more about Velvet Starlings on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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