Esteban – Suburban Paradise (2020)

Alternative indie-pop band Esteban is continuing their musical odyssey with their latest release. Stephen Wright (vocals), Liam Ryan (guitar), Ricky Houghton (bass) and Samuel Cox (drums) released their debut single in 2008 with a follow-up album in 2011. After this, the band never played again until now. Their long-awaited return comes with their new single ‘Suburban Paradise’.

The track is a joyful come back bursting with life-affirming funk. Borrowing from Latin rhythms, rock and world music, it is a feast for the senses. The song is the perfect soundtrack for a trip across the deserts of your mind.

‘Suburban Paradise’ hits you with some funk notes from the first second. This leads into Wright’s boisterous vocals. This is a very fun track to listen to and you can hear how the band has reignited their joy for their music in each note. The vocals draw you into the lyrics that are life-affirming and will leave you wanting no-one else but Esteban to play.

While the vocals and lyrics are amazing, the melody really grabs you. The funk tones of the track make you want to move and are easy to listen to on repeat. There are some Latin tones thrown in that drive the beat, but the funk is what really gets you.

Esteban returns in triumphant fashion with their life-affirming and funky track ‘Suburban Paradise’. This happy track is a pleasure to listen to and would make the perfect soundtrack for a long road trip. You can easily imagine blaring it with the windows down as you drive down a long desert road.

Find out more about Esteban on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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