Vix 20 – Broken Melody (2021)

Vix 20 are taking listeners on a detour away from their usual power-pop sound with ‘Broken Melody’. Acting as an open letter to the music business, the single is a sinister journey through joy and grief. With a touch more rock than power pop, the band fills you with sad vibes and dark emotions.

Gary Mills (guitar, vocals) and CJ (guitar, vocals) are the two music industry veterans behind the band. They are joined by Kill (bass) and Rich (drums) to bring their disillusionment with the state of the industry to life. While their music generally starts out as power pop, they blend in other genres and elements for a unique and interesting sound.

‘Broken Melody’ fills you with a sense of melancholy from the first roll of piano and drums. There is a deep sadness in the music that sinks into your soul as you are filled with unending grief. The guitar lines that call out through the soundscape add to the sadness. While the music has a sadness, there is little in the way of sinister vibes until the guitars hit their stride later in the track. When this happens, they grasp at your heels and ankles to try and draw you down into the darkness.

Resting on the melancholic melody are the vocals that only bolster the grief of the track. The depth of sadness in the performance tugs at your heart and draws you into a river of despair. On the chorus, there is a slightly different edge to the grief as the lyrics question how we got to this point. When the guitars come into their own, the vocals act as a counter to the sinister pull of the melody. They hit with a slightly happier tone, but there is no overwhelming joy to be had. Threaded into the slight boost of positive vibes is that sadness that feels endless.

Vix 20 takes a melancholic turn as they fill you with grief and sadness in ‘Broken Melody’. While there is a touch of power pop to the higher levels of the music, it takes a very sad rock route that tugs at your heart. The vocals only enhance this feeling even when they offer a glimmer of light.

Find out more about Vix 20 on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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