White Horses – My Love (2020)

The last year has led to a lot of people feeling rather depressed. The hopes for a brighter future that many had at the start of the year seemed to slip away. White Horses is here to try and cheer you up with ‘My Love’. The observational song looks at a couple where one half is feeling depresssed about everything and the singer is trying to cheer them up.

Written by Stuart Harris in the depths of lockdown, the single features James Deane on vocals and Stuart Henderson on flugelhorn. Harris is the man behind White Horses and has been making music with James Deane and Mim Grey since 2016. Together with Henderson, they create a touching single that lets you know someone is there for you in the dark times.

‘My Love’ grabs your attention with the flugelhorn opening. This sets a great seaside vibe to the music that melds with the guitar and drums. The easy flow of the melody has you floating to music as you are transported to another place. The intertwined layers of the melody swell below you and form a lush ground for you to sink into. The horn comes and goes throughout the single adding this sedate line to the melody that is just wonderful to listen to.

Deane’s vocals are as smooth as the rest of the song. There is an easiness to his performance that effortlessly draws you into the vibes of the track. His performance highlights the emotion of the lyrics as he lets his partner know that there is nothing he wouldn’t do to make them happy. The rise and fall of his performance perfectly match the movement of the melody with his high notes adding a little something special to the song.

The accompanying music video adds to the seaside vibes of the music. The image of birds flying in black and white has an almost nostalgic feeling. When combined with the song, it creates an easy vibe. It is an interesting combination that just works so well and makes you feel light.

White Horses teams up with Stuart Henderson for the smooth and uplifting seaside single ‘My Love’. The flugelhorn adds a special thread to the melody which is soft and gentle. Deane’s vocals are like waves lapping on your feet while filling you with a light energy.

Find out more about White Horses on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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