Samsara. – Nevermind (2020)

Despite their youth and inexperience, teenagers Dylan Trif (vocalist), Charlie LoMonaco /lead guitar), Brendan Sandhovel (guitar), John Devito (bass) and Ben Bustamante (drums) are breaking boundaries as the rock group Samsara. Founded in 2018 while the lads were still in high school, the US-based five-piece brings together classic Seattle grunge with contemporary alternative rock. Preceding their debut EP Paralyzed In Paradise, Samsara released their well-received debut single ‘Nevermind’. It is this single that we are reviewing as an introduction to the exciting group.

The first track off their recently released EP, ‘Nevermind’ has featured on Eat This Metal, Under The Radar, Rock On Radio and John’s Basement podcast to name but a few. Fusing the power of Led Zeppelin, the intimacy of Nirvana and insane enthusiasm of Foo Fighters, Samsara is a sonic representation of youthful angst, rage and all those conflicting emotions. As I’ve mentioned before, the lads are mere teenagers but their sound is so sophisticated that it could easily rival established contemporaries.

What I find particularly intriguing is the harmony of gritty vocals, powerful guitars and pounding drums. While the track may have a “heavy rawness” to the melody, the effortless incorporation of Trif’s forceful voice makes ‘Nevermind’ a glowing gold thread in a mire of desperate darkness. Reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age meets Stone Sour, Samsara showcase their innovativeness as a group. I’ve said that some music can be described but to enjoy it is to listen and feel the song – ‘Nevermind’ is a “feel song”.

For more from Samsara check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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