Warahenege – Cosmic Mess (2020)

Described as having “lush vocals and slight, spacey synths” by Obscure Sound, Warahenege is a dream-pop sensation. Formed by singer-songwriter Praveen Somarathne, Warahenege combines Elliot Smith, old-school Radiohead and Grizzly Bear in his unique sound. He released his debut single ‘Cosmic Mess’ in October 2020.

In today’s social climate, working as a junior doctor can be exhausting; however, between shifts, Somarathne found time to write, record and produce ‘Cosmic Mess’. Mixed and mastered by Ben Etter (Deerhunter), ‘Cosmic Mess’ is a cathartic representation of the anxiety felt between the helpless need to let go of one’s past with the desire to remain in the past.

As Warahenege, Somarathne takes a person on an emotional journey in this debut single. The fusion of swirling synths and Somarathne’s soothing vocals enhance feelings of wistfulness for the listener. While the track may have a tranquil effect, the dreamy ambience reflects a sense of poignancy and seriousness in the single’s concept. Overall, ‘Cosmic Mess’ is a haunting but addictive track and a great introduction of this talented artist.

For more from Warahenege, check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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