Slick Brown – Mi Need U (2020)

Are you looking for a romantic dancehall track? If you are, ‘Mi Need U’ by Slick Brown might just be the sonic experience you need. Telling the story of a man who can’t live without the love of his life, the single continues the contemporary Afropop sound of Slick Brown. Drawing on an influence of 90s soul and RnB, he melds this with urban and dancehall music for an engaging and unique soundscape.

While Slick Brown has always enjoyed singing and dancing, he started taking singing lessons when in high school. His soundscape resulted in a nomination for a UK Urban Music Award in 2010 and performances across Europe.

‘Mi Need U’ draws you into the soundscape with a smooth opening. This leads to Slick Brown’s vocals that have this great contemporary vibe. There is a great flow to his performance that makes you want to move to the rhythm. This continues into the chorus that slides against your ears. There are elements of RnB throughout the track, but they are blended with dancehall and a slight edge of electronic sounds. Through the smoothness of the vocal performance, you are drawn to into the romantic lyrics.

The melody continues the blending of elements from the vocals. The deep beat pulses through your chest while the shuffling notes have you moving to them. The melody enhances the flow of the performance and helps you sink into the lyrics. There is something engaging about the music that grabs you and draws you further into the song.

Slick Brown hits you with a romantic dancehall track about a man who can’t live without the love of his life in ‘Mi Need U’. The single has a smooth edge to it that hooks you and draws you through the vocal performance. The melody and vocals combine the best elements of RnB, soul and dancehall for a slick experience.

Find out more about Slick Brown on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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