WARTERAUM – The Liar (2020)

Futuristic electropop with a dash of 80’s influence and an edge of melancholy is the order of the day for WARTERAUM. This experimental project from Austria is offering an insight into her soundscape with the single ‘The Liar’. Taken from her upcoming EP The New Wave, the single wraps you in electronic tones while surrounding you with a melancholic soundscape.

The project comes from M. Nyman-Sramkova and was started in 2015. Her sound draws on Nordic summer nights, brutalist architecture and cigarettes, but this was not always the case. Over the years, she has refined her sound and is letting you see what she has in store for listeners in the future with this track.

‘The Liar’ pulses to life while wrapping around your head. While there are electronic tones popping around your head in the opening, there is a deep drone in the base of the melody that adds an interesting foundation for the music. The deep tones of the melody bring a sense of melancholy, but this is enhanced by the driving pulses later in the single. There is a great futuristic undertone to the melody that melds with a contemporary vibe with a very light influence of 80s synth.

Nyman-Sramkova’s vocals are a wonderful organic layer in the electronic soundscape. Her performance provides a human touch that intertwines with the electronic tones of the melody. It is like her voice creeps through the pillars of the melody to draw you into the single. The lyrics are relatable as they work through interactions with someone who is not very good for you.

The official video draws you in with images of dried roses before you see Nyman-Sramkova singling. The lyrics of the track appear as slightly hazy wording at the bottom of the screen. The jittering of the image transitions match the music, but they can be a little hard to watch for photosensitive people. A relatively simple music video, it captures the darker vibes of the track.

WARTERAUM wraps you up in electronic tones with a melancholic tinge in the single ‘The Liar’. The electronic melody has a hint of futuristic tones mixed with a touch of 80s synths, but with a more contemporary flow. The vocals are an organic thread that connects you to the lyrics. The accompanying music video is simple in execution but captures the essence of the single.

Find out more about WARTERAUM on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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