Wesson – Understand (2022)

There are some people who leave you frustrated as they make you feel that you are beneath them or holding them back. This frustration has been picked up by Wesson for their debut single ‘Understand’ as they use a gritty rock tone to call out these people. While calling out these feelings and people, the band looks to spread the message of living unapologetically and being honest with yourself.

Chris Wesson (vocals), Callum (guitar), Jimmy (guitar) and Dale (drums) use their different musical background to form the rocking sound of the band. Blending influences ranging from pop to punk and Motown, the band has created a sound that soars with a unique flow. While this is their debut single, the band has toured the UK, supporting acts including The Bluetones and Lucy Spraggan.

‘Understand’ hits the ground running with the melodic bass meeting driving drums. While there is a grittiness to the overall rock flow of the melody, there is a smooth melodic slide that catches you in its movement. As you listen to the drive of the melody, you are going to be bouncing around only to pause for the slide of the chorus to wash over you. It is a really dynamic melodic movement that you can easily get lost in. The guitars hook you to the movement, while infusing each note with something that is purely Wesson. The rise in the last moment of the single is wonderful as it perfectly leads to the question of the vocals, before fading out with a leading edge.

While the melody undoubtedly hooks you to the sound, Wesson’s vocals are as catchy, if not more so. He draws you into the reflections of the lyrics with ease as he calls out the people who try to belittle you and make you feel bad about yourself. The chorus is packed with an important question that you may want to ask the people who pull you down in your own life. While the lyrics focus on the relationship with these types of people, woven into them is the understanding that you don’t have to take what they give you.

Wesson use their debut single ‘Understand’ to call out people who belittle you and try to make you feel small, while letting us know we are not alone in this. The melody hits the ground running with the balance of gritty rock and melodic vibes. The vocals are extremely catchy as they dive into the heart of the matter.

Find out more about Wesson on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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