Dama Juda – Let’s Try (2020)

Using stories and childhood tales to create original music, Dama Juda expresses herself with her cathartic and engaging tracks. With a plethora of influences ranging from My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park to Ellie Goulding and Chopin, this talented singer-songwriter has a highly unique sound. The US-based multi-instrumentalist is relatively new to the music scene; however, she has already featured on several online radio stations and building a loyal following. The latest single in her growing discography is ‘Let’s Try’.

While the track has a bit of a gloomy beginning with heartfelt vocals and pain-filled lyricism, it quickly changes to an upbeat, cheery melody with optimistic vocals. Easily placed among more established pop contemporaries like Ellie Goulding and Katie Melua, Dama Juda creates a sentimental and serene soundscape. What I find particularly interesting about ‘Let’s Try’ is the effortless transitions from moody and dark to lighthearted buoyancy throughout the melody. It is the ups and downs that showcase Juda’s originality and versatility as an artist.

It may seem that the track is synth-driven, but this is not really the case with ‘Let’s Try’. As I have said, the transition from one style and sound to another indicates versatility; however, it is Juda’s elegant movement from electronic to organic instrumentation that is most captivating. Moreover, her hushed tones give off a haunting quality that evokes a childish innocence with deep-seated fragility. Juda mentions that her creative musical project is merely a hobby, but I’m hoping that this becomes more permanent – I need more of Dama Juda!

For more from Dama Juda check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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