West Wickhams – Who’s Out There? (2020)

West Wickhams are tapping into the extra-terrestrial for their tribute to sci-fi B movies ‘Who’s Out There?’. Telling the story of reanimated shop mannequins, the single delves into an alien invasion based on the results of planetary probes and interstellar discoveries. While scientists theorise that the invasion is due to radiation, there are only two people who can stop the attack.

Using a gothic and spooky soundscape, Jon Othello and Elle Flores send you into late-night sci-fi movies. Adding a touch of punk stylings, the duo has you enthralled in their story. The music video for the single adds to the old-school movie vibes and is a blast to watch.

‘Who’s Out There?’ hit you with the retro sci-fi vibes from the first moment. The melody is full of old-school tones that make you think of old black and white alien invasion movies. The movement for the melody is a little addicting and you can’t stop listening to it. Popping up from the middle and higher levels are these tones that add a bit of spooky creepiness to the music. The driving beats have a slight haziness to them like they are creeping up on you from another room.

The vocals have a more post-punk vibe to them than the melody would make you think. As the melody washes over you, the vocals get your heart pumping. Through the single, they fill you with an almost frantic energy like you are trying to escape but can only find locked doors. Together, the vocals and melody combine for a wonderful homage to alien invasion movies.

If you have fun listening to the single, the music video will be a joy to watch. Shot in black and white, you are taken into a short two-minute alien invasion movie. The video has everything you need to be engaged from running through fields, bodies being dragged through a house, creepy zombie people and strategic lighting. Watching the video will make you want to watch some of those old sci-fi B movies.

West Wickhams pay tribute to old sci-fi B movies with their spookily energetic track ‘Who’s Out There?’. The retro melody sends you into late-night alien invasion movies while the vocals are packed with post-punk goodness.

Find out more about West Wickhams on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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