Bloodtooth – Generation Spies (2020)

If you are in need of a splash of horror-comedy with a nod the real-life, Bloodtooth have you covered. Their latest single ‘Generation Spies’ uses their alternative sound to look at isolation, obsession and the volunteering of personal information. Paying homage to classic horror movies, the duo combines reality with fiction for an engaging listening experience.

This melding of realities is brought to your ears by Emily ‘Wolf’ O (vocals) and Luke Parsons (synths). They came together over a fusion of music and rest their sound in the middle ground between futuristic horror and dystopia. If you are in the mood for a single that is fun, heavy-hitting and engaging, you are in for a treat.

‘Generation Spies’ hits you hard from the first moment with screaming guitars and pounding drums. The driving melody propels you into the single, but has a slightly dark vibe hiding in the lower levels. There is a great grunge vibe to the melody mixed with melodic rock stylings. You are filled with a light sense of nostalgia as you listen as the melody throws you back in time a little. While filling you with this sense, the music also pumps up year heart and, rather strangely, gets you smiling.

Over the pulsing melody is Emily O’s vocals. There is a breathiness to her performance that enhances the horror aspect of the lyrics and overall vibe. Her vocals pull you into the lyrics that consider the covert and open spying of modern life. The lyrics are a wonderful combination of Orwellian dystopia and real life.

Bloodtooth pay homage to classic horror movies with their engaging look at modern society ‘Generation Spies’. The driving melody is packed with engaging elements from screaming guitars to pounding beats. The vocals have a breathiness that adds to the overall vibe of the track while looking at the state of play in the world.

Find out more about Bloodtooth on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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