Wotts – Domino (2022)

I attempt to remain impartial when it comes to submissions, but sometimes there are artists that stand out and force me to pay attention – Wotts is one of those bands. For approximately two years, we have followed the Canada-based duo with enthusiasm. Blending elements of indie-rock, indie-pop and alternative pop, Jayem (vocals) and Ricky 100 (guitar and bass) have developed a unique and eclectic sound. Featured on Nexus Music Blog, Pop Fad Blog, Sinusoidal Music, Roadie Music, Indie Dock Music Blog and various playlists, Wotts is forcing curators across the globe to pay attention. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Domino’.

Following their well-received single ‘Return Flight’ (read our review here), Wotts retain their upbeat bop in ‘Domino’. Jovial and cheery, this track is the perfect summer track – the one you listen to while laying in the sun with a cold beverage. Frontman Jayem notes that the visual inspiration for ‘Domino’ began with the film The Breakfast Club. Yes, it does not have anything to do with the classic 80s film, but the cheerful melody makes it a perfect theme song.

The melody is inspirational and can captivate listeners on its own, but it is the lyricism that showcases the lads’ depth as artists. A juxtaposition is heard with the happy melody but poignant lyricism. Using a personal narrative, Wotts explores issues of self-destruction, inner conflict, anxiety and difficult situations. Jayem shares that ‘Domino’ focuses on a person with self-destructive tendencies and the struggle when you find yourself returning to bad habits.

“The song [‘Domino’] isn’t a judgement on people that are going through tough times. We’ve all been there and some of us always have that struggle. When I was writing it, I kept thinking of this one person in my life who can’t get out of their own way, who’s always falling into bad patterns.” – Jayem (Wotts) on ‘Domino’

For more from Wotts check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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