XTIE – Virgo (2020)

XTIE got us hooked to her rich soundscapes with the summer vibes of ‘Flower Town’. Her latest release ‘Virgo’ continues with the vibrant sounds and showcases her ability to connect with listeners. Using a base of personal experience and narratives, she reminds you that it is good to accept your flaws.

Working around the stereotype of the Virgo star sign being that of picky perfectionists, she highlights how important self-care is. Through her vibrant melodies, she tells you that you need to learn about who you are and embrace every facet of your personality. Only when you do this, will you be able to heal yourself and let go.

‘Virgo’ hooks you with fizzing synths that form the basis of the rich soundscape. There is a pattering to the deeper synths forming the beat. The pulsing synths of the melody meld together to form a lush musical thread that sweeps through you. There is a depth to the melody that adds to the effortless vibe of the music. While the single does not have the same summer vibes as her debut, there is still something about it that makes you want to hit the dancefloor. You may also want to blare this song as you relax outside on a warm day.

XTIE’s vocals are a light and colourful layer above the pulsing synths. Her performance is like a soft breath against your ear. Later in the single, the electronic edge to the echoing vocals weaves into the synth melody to form an accepting whole. Lyrically, you are able to connect with the emotions of the track whether you are a perfectionist or not. Her intricate lyricism is easy to relate to as she pumps you with her feel-good melody.

XTIE lets you know that perfection is only possible when you accept your flaws in the relatable and vibrant ‘Virgo’. Using pulsing synths and her ever light vocals, she weaves together a single that you can’t stop listening to. By the end of the track, you will be one step closer to getting to know yourself.

Find out more about XTIE on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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