Xufa – The Wild (2021)

There are times when you feel out of sorts and stuck in a sombre mood. Xufa is here to help pull you out of your rut and re-establish the connection with the undercurrents of life with ‘The Wild’. Packed with self-affirmations, the electro-pop track can be taken as an upbeat antidote to negativity or you can delve a little deeper and look at the message that lies beneath.

While classically trained, Xufa is using what she has learnt to expand the realm of music and possibilities. Using a hybrid style that brings together pop, electronic and indie sounds, she creates a dynamic soundscape infused with her daring personality. Complete with intimate and heartfelt lyrics, her powerful music will have you thinking while enjoying the listening experience.

An almost industrial burst grabs your attention at the start of ‘The Wild’. This quickly drops for Xufa’s relaxing and flowing vocals. Her voice is like a shimmering golden ribbon winding its way through the wind. Beneath her vocals, is an interesting melody that is both smooth and soft while bouncing against your senses with a shuffling tone. This swells for the chorus for a light burst of tones that bring a hint of psychedelia to the track. These tones combine with the layered vocals that get a slight electronic hue for a textured listening experience.

The track has you sitting in a dynamic soundscape that twists and turns to different musical flows. The relaxed vibes of the opening give way to a bubbling happy soundscape. Xufa’s primary vocals keep their airiness as they float over you only changing from a meditative flow to a livelier mantra that fills you with positivity. Later in the track, she hits these high notes that send shivers through you as they are complemented by deep bass tones. The movement of the music is wonderful as it never rests in one state.

Xufa helps you reconnect with the undercurrents of life through the meditative yet upbeat tones of ‘The Wild’. Using a dynamic textured melody she has you moving from meditation to self-affirmation and filling your chest with positive vibes. Her vocals are an airy layer over the music while the lyrics have more meaning than first meets the ear.

Find out more about Xufa on her Instagram and Spotify.

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