Yellowlees – Keepsake (2020)

Tapping into his folksy roots, Yellowlees wraps you in a tender ode to a lover with ‘Keepsake’. While the single takes a turn from his pop sensibilities, his addictive melodies are on full display. As he moves from strength to strength, Yellowlees keeps you hooked with his romantic storytelling and tender soundscapes.

Tapping into emotions we have all felt, he looks at the situation where people are forced apart and determined to overcome it. At the heart of the song, is the determination that love will win even when the times are dark. While this could take a very cheesy turn, the personality and vulnerability of the song helps you skip all of that.

‘Keepsake’ hits you with Yellowlees’ vocals from the first moment. His smooth vocals hook you with this power yet there is a vulnerability to his tone. The performance is relaxed, but there is this catchy vibe to it that makes you want to sway to it. The focus on his vocals makes it easy to get into the emotions of the track. The flow of his performance offers a sense of hope and gives you the strength to get through the dark times.

While you are captivated by the vocals, the subtle melody sits in the back of your mind. There is a lightly driving beat while the guitar adds to those flowing vibes from the vocals. The vocals and melody combine to form this stream of warmth that you float along. You really can’t help but like this single as it makes you smile and gives you these good vibes.

Yellowlees takes a folk turn to show you that love can overcome darkness in ‘Keepsake’. The laid-back melody has this subtle flow to it as you are swept away by the vocals. The song avoids all the potentially cheesy aspects of the theme to leave you filled with strength.

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