Elyse Aeryn – Salt (2020)

If you are looking for an end of summer anthem all about heartbreak, look no further than ‘Salt’ by Elyse Aeryn. The single works through that spark of a summer romance that sets your heart on fire only to burn out and leave you with embers by the end of the season. Using some fresh alt-pop vibes, Aeryn makes you wonder whether the greatest loves are now over or if they are just waiting for a new spark.

A self-taught guitarist and producer, Aeryn pushes the boundaries that are set by society. This single marks a new chapter for her as it is her first self-produced track after 8 years as a chemical engineer. While her music is inspired by a personal awakening, the music is relatable and catchy.

The summer vibes of ‘Salt’ hit you from the first shuffling sound. The melody has this easy lazy vibe to it much like the feeling you have when sitting in the summer sun. The drums and piano line forms a solid foundation for the song that you can easily walk down. There is a build-up in the melody when the guitar lines hit that mimics the spark of emotion in a summer romance. However, you are then dropped off with a serious slow-down of sound that creates the embers of a love that has burnt out.

As the melody takes you through the rise and fall of summer emotions, Aeryn’s vocals make you think about those days spent in the sun. Her performance has this light annoyance when she looks at how she has been left but there is also a resignation that the fiery emotions have come to an end. This is particularly clear when the melody slows down close to the end of the track.

‘Salt’ by Elyse Aeryn works through the emotions of a summer romance that has flared and all that remains are the smouldering embers. The melody builds up these emotions before you are dropped, much like the abrupt end of a fiery relationship. Her vocals have this emotive quality that takes you through sadness, annoyance and resignation.

Find out more about Elyse Aeryn on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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