You’ll See One Day – Sober (2022)

There are many vices that people have that spiral into full-blown addiction and alcohol is one of the more common ones. Alcoholism is something that You’ll See One Day has picked up on and looked at in their single ‘Sober’. A tale of suffering from this addiction, the metal melody is littered with the sharp shards of broken bottles, the heavy oppression of addiction and the struggle to overcome it.

The reality of addiction woven into this single comes from the minds of Lee Elliott (drums), Travis Presley (guitar) and Nathan Peachey (vocals). The Australian trio came together as a band as a shout out to all the people who told them they were dreaming too big when they wanted to become the biggest band of the 21st century. Through the power of their musical skills, they settle a blazing trail of metal goodness that is an amazing start to their journey.

‘Sober’ has a soft guitar strum in the opening that lulls you into the melody. This sweeps into a faster guitar line that brings the first touches of metal to the soundscape. After this initial touch of paced guitars, the melody reaches out for a softer flow. The drums slide up from the low levels as a vibration of melodic metal tones shivers through the soundscape. The chorus is packed with engaging instrumentation that makes you want to bop your head and gently rock out to the sound. It is a rather addictive movement that you honestly can’t get enough of as it builds through you and shakes you up. As the single progresses, you are swept into the melodic metal flow of the track that makes you want to listen to the track again and again.

After the initial sweep of metal guitars, Peachey’s vocals are a cool drink on a hot day. There is a soothing chill to his vocals in the opening verse even as they build to the call of the chorus. While his performance is as infectious as the melody, the lyrics are well worth a good listen. They perfectly capture the inner struggle people who suffer from addiction go through. The chorus brings a spiral back into the bottle while touching on the pain this can bring to those around you. Throughout the single, there are important thoughts that flow through the lyrics which are enhanced by the growl of heavy metal vocals.

You’ll See One Day brings the struggle of addiction and the pain it can bring to melodic metal life with the engaging and infectious tones of ‘Sober’. The melody builds through the verses to shine with metalcore glory in the chorus. The vocals highlight the struggles of the lyrics and make you want to listen to this song on repeat.

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