Zach Bailey – Corner of the Universe (2021)

With stripped back acoustic tones, Zach Bailey offers the tender and warm ‘Corner of the Universe’. The single started out as a poem inspired by a lovely afternoon with his boyfriend and the corner of peace they experienced. While touching on this, the track also delves into a wider creation of a mental space where you can find solace from the world.

The single is a continuation of the uplifting music Bailey releases as part of his solo career. Taking the experience he gained in a number of bands, he transforms it into personal stories that lift your spirits and allow you to find a moment of peace in a fast-paced world.

‘Corner of the Universe’ opens with the layered sounds of a gentle acoustic guitar and the wash of ocean waves. This combination has you relaxing and fills you with a wonderful sense of peace. As the single continues, the guitar shines through the soundscape like light filtering through the leaves of a tree. From the second verse, there is a heavy beat that vibrates through the ground. The strings that enter are like a cool breeze on a warm day. Every element of the melody adds to the easiness of the single and helps you find a moment of peace.

Bailey’s vocals rest on the warmth of the melody. His voice is a tender touch like the soft caress of a partner. Through the lyrics, he transports you to a beach where you spend a lazy and happy day with a loved one. There is no way to listen to this song and not feel a deep sense of peace and light. His vocals lift stress from your shoulders while fortifying the space in your mind that allows you to withstand the pressures of the world. if you are in need of a moment of peace and relaxation, this is the single you should be listening to.

Zach Bailey helps you weather the storms of the world with the warm, tender and peaceful tones of ‘Corner of the Universe’. Between the melody and his vocals, you are transported to a peaceful sunny day where you have no worries. Every aspect of the single enhances the relaxing flows and leaves you feeling light as a feather.

Find out more about Zach Bailey on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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