ZYkR – Paranoid (2020)

Indian artist Aseem Suri is the man behind the alternative-electronic project ZYkR. Bringing a spirit of experimentation to the stage, he blends rock, folk and electronica to create an intriguing soundscape. His second single ‘Paranoid’ continues his experimentation.

The song delves into the paranoia caused by living in a society under constant surveillance. It highlights the lived experiences and the anxiety that comes from compulsive behaviours and paranoia. The synthesised sounds of his music add to the feelings of paranoia and anxiety laced throughout the track.

‘Paranoid’ hits you with some crashing electronic notes from the first moment. This assault on the senses forms the basis of the track as the driving melody builds up from below. The crashing notes keep the beat of the song while the melodic notes drive you forward and turn into these lush synths. The combination of melodic elements could be jarring, but Suri is able to combine them in a way that lessens this.

While you get used to the interesting melody of the track, Suri’s vocals are a soft layer that eases you. His performance has a sense of unease to it that matches the lyrics which warn you about the ways you are being watched. The lyrics very accurately portray paranoia while also questioning when the narrator became like this. It is a very effective lyrical structure, particularly when combined with the glitchy melody.

ZYkR uses glitchy percussion, trip-hop beats and melodic vocals to portray surveillance induced anxiety in ‘Paranoid’. The combination of different melodic instruments creates a soundscape that is an accurate depiction of paranoia in a masterful account. The experimentation on the track is a success as elements that might not generally work together combine perfectly.

Find out more about ZYkR on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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