Saige – What Should I Write (2021)

There are many people who fondly look back on a relationship even as it is ending. Saige is one of these people and has poured the fond reminisces into her single ‘What Should I Write’. Written as her ex was packing up after a breakup, she considers how they have both changed and what she would say to the person she once knew to get them to stay.

While the single has all the emotional hallmarks of a breakup song, there is a warmth and contentedness that sets it apart from the usual breakup tracks. Drawing on her studies at BIMM and her experience on the Dublin music scene, Saige merges modern and classic sounds for an addictive style. With dynamic movements, rich vocals and epic soundscapes, she effortlessly draws you into her musical world.

‘What Should I Write’ opens with a rich and warm acoustic line. The guitar has a soft glow to it that settles on your skin and pulls you into an intimate setting. There is a dreamy vibe to the upper layers of the music that has you breathing in and floating on the contemplations of the lyrics. The melody has an easy rippling feeling that is given further depth through the beats that later enter. The easy vibe of the melody fills you with the warmth of thinking back fondly about a good time in your life.

As you sink into the warmth of the melody, Saige’s vocals slip into your senses with a delightful richness. While there is a touch of sadness at losing what once was, her vocals performance carries an affection and understanding that moving forward is best. Through the lyrics, she questions what she could say to make her ex stay, but this turns into the knowledge that they have both changed. Later in the single, her vocals are awash with the dreaminess of the high levels of the melody that is utter perfection.

Saige offers a fond consideration of a past relationship through the rich warmth of ‘What Should I Write’. With a touch of sadness over what is being lost, there is an understanding that people change woven into the single. This brings a warm ember to your chest as Saige fondly looks back and embraces moving forward.

Find out more about Saige on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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