Zeug – Womb (2021)

The experimental band Zeug has just unleashed the final piece of their EP trilogy, Womb. This EP takes up the idea that everything that comes to an end is leading to the birth of something new. While delving into this concept, the band showcases their musical versatility as the three tracks move from punchy hardcore notes to chanting enthrallment.

While the arrangement and musical prowess of the EP is sure to get you hooked, there is an extra touch of natural magic to the EP due to its recording location. The band recorded the EP in a maze-like brick cave adding outstanding natural acoustics to their sound. While you don’t have to listen to the other EPs of the trilogy to enjoy this one, the circle of themes and emotions they invoke is amazing.

The EP opens with ‘Garbino’ which uses a powerful movement of drums to roll into your senses. There is a building feeling to the soundscape that effortlessly leads you to the punch of guitars. The vocals call out over the pounding build of the drums. The experimental side of the band comes out in the merging of punch hardcore tones with an almost industrial warble. The building of the music gives way to some blistering guitars that call out against the pounding of the drums. As the track continues, a heaver rock feeling comes through that is enhanced by the shout of the vocals. The vocals have a desperate feeling to them that creates a poignancy to the electronic tone that follows and the crash of hard rock sounds.

‘Svet’ has a much softer feeling to the opening that gently takes your hand to lead you into the track. The careful awakening of the opening lines of the track is like the early morning mist swirling around your ankles. A light drone rises from the depths and is met by a chanting vocal line. The light touch of cymbals and rums adds to the almost meditative feeling of the music. The drone from the low levels of the track becomes more prominent while the vocals hum through your ears. Through the movement of the vocals and music, you get the feeling of building power. This rises like a balloon in your chest that continues to expand until the more melodic tones make their presence known. The droning vocals remind you of this building pressure but do not add to it.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Hazeover’ which brings the best of the other two tracks together. There is an understated building opening that starts to scratch against your senses and get your heart racing through the roll of the drums. This drops for a plucked bass and deep vocals that bring a poetic feeling to the music. It is an extremely interesting track that really highlights everything the band has to offer. There is a deep story that comes through the vocals as they move from poetic to angry growls and the darkness of the underworld. The post-rock vibes of the track are wonderful in their rather understated arrangement. As the single progresses, it takes a serious turn and almost turns into a completely different track.

Zeug is back with the last of their trilogy of EPs Womb which traverses experimental tones, hardcore rock and slight industrial tones. While each track is quite long, the intricacies of their arrangements keep you hooked from start to finish. With each note, the band showcases their prowess and amazes with the merger of tones.

Find out more about Zeug on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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