TJ Doyle – A Different View (2021)

With his EP A Different View, TJ Doyle is telling listeners a story through the tones of the five tracks. Bringing his country-folk style to a splash of rock, he has you delving into the tale of the lyrics while moving to the rhythm of his sound. Drawing on inspiration from the world around us and his passion for the environment, he infuses a sense of purpose and direction into the EP that is beautiful to hear.

This infusion is something that has always been a part of his music since his first album release in 2009. Adding this to his touring experience, he sculpts compelling music packed with inspiration, fun and some serious Americana vibes. With his music already hitting the charts across the world, it is clear to see that people are eagerly connecting with his sound and the tales he has to tell.

The EP opens with ‘World of Illusion’ which gets your head lightly bopping from to the first note. There is a gentle country vibe to the music as it floats and glides through you. Doyle’s vocals are tender and honest as he asks us to step back and really look at the world. This is a delicate and gentle reminder that we can all get lost in the fast pace of the world. There is a touch of commentary on climate change woven into the track but this has been beautifully laced into the relaxing tones. As you listen, you will feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders and your chest open so you can breathe easier.

‘Forgive Me’ has a more melancholic feeling to the opening as the acoustic guitar washes over you. You can feel a touch of pain in the vocals as they reach into your chest and start to squeeze. While there is a lot of pain in the track, there is also a sense of understanding that life can move on after the hurt. There is a deep message in this track that is beautiful and something that we all need to listen to. As the gentle tones of the track weave their way into your senses, you are led to a sense of forgiveness of the mistakes you have made and those that other make which hurt you. By the end of the track, you feel lighter as the melancholy of the opening leaves for a feeling of peace.

The guitar opening of ‘If You Leave’ has a feeling of nostalgia to it as it plucks at your memories of days with someone you care about. While there is a feeling of nostalgia, there is a current edge to the lyrics. The lyrics tap into the considerations that come when you have to make the decision to leave someone or stay. It is wonderful how he combines the uncertainty you feel with the thoughts of what could be lost if you leave. This track is so easy to fall in as the country vibes of his sound gains a slight rock edge.

‘The Watcher (Antaryamin)’ brings a new feeling to the track with a greater depth to the layering of the melody. The music has you feeling like you are on a mountaintop and looking out over the world. As you sit on the mountaintop through the melody, the vocals bring a different feeling to the track. The high notes are utter perfection as they bring the peaking of the sun to your ears and the lyrics lightly tap into yearning. It is an interesting track that you can take in a few ways and is really open to interpretation by each person listening.

The EP comes to a close with ‘A Different View’ which has a really flowing opening. The lightness of the music is so peaceful and really sinks into your soul. As you are drawn into the soft tones of the track, Doyle’s vocals bring a sombre view of the digital world. Through the lyrics, he lets us know that the harm online trolls create is something many of us feel and that we are not alone in dealing with this. There is an uplifting feeling to the track as he embraces you and offers a different perspective of life that is more positive.

TJ Doyle draws you into thoughts and emotions through the delicate beauty of his EP A Different View. Each track has a tender thread of consciousness woven into the light tones of the acoustics. The wonderful arrangements and stunning vocals of the tracks make you want to listen to the EP again and again.

Find out more about TJ Doyle on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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