Iduna – Here We Are Alone (2020)

In early 2013, Jason Craig (vocals, guitar) Trison Boyes (vocals, guitar) and Tim Saulnier (bass) came together with former drummer Craig to form Iduna. In 2019, Gab Lavoie (drums) joined to take over when Craig had to leave. This hungry alternative-rock band brings a new raw energy to the scene and is rearing to amaze. Their latest single, ‘Here We Are Alone’, is an angry response to the divisions in the world.

The song is a rallying cry that reminds us that we are not actually alone, but that we are all in this together. While an angry protest of the current situation, there is also a glimpse of optimism woven into the track. Anyone who is feeling alone and isolated at the moment for any reasons will find shelter in this track.

‘Here We Are Alone’ gets you hooked with a catchy opening guitar drive. The driving guitars make you want to move to the rhythm. The groovy bass beat keeps you engaged as the energetic guitar form the rallying cry of the track. The melody is so easy to get into and you do not want it to end. There are soaring guitar riffs that enhance the soaring vocals.

While the melody pumps you up and gets you energized, the vocals push through you. At times, the vocals rise above and drive the message that you are not alone home. The lyrics have this great messaging through every word, but it is really the delivery that gets you. The chorus has a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

Iduna rallies everyone willing to listen with ‘Here We Are Alone’ to tell them we are in this together. If you are looking for a new band to listen to on repeat, Iduna is the one for you. This song captivates you from start to finish and you will hit repeat as soon as it is over.

Find out more about Iduna on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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