20 Year Short Break – Under the Moon, Under the Sun (2021)

With the first single from their upcoming album, 20 Year Short Break shows us what they are all about while sharing personal experiences. ‘Under the Moon, Under the Sun’ reflects on two lives that are both ordinary and unusual. With a mixture of modern and classic rock tones, the duo brings the light and dark of life to our ears with a sprinkling of self-reflection.

While Rob Miller and Dan Wright have known each other since middle school when they met in band at age 15, they only formed this musical project in 2018. After drifting apart and life getting in the way of music, they rediscovered their dream and created this reflective duo. Through their music, they bring an intergenerational flow of coming of age stories reflected on through the lens of later life experiences.

‘Under the Moon, Under the Sun’ sweeps through you and pulls you into a rather anthemic opening. The epic rock opening drops after the push of the guitars for the vocals to really shine. The lighter tones of the music bring a reflective edge to the song while calming you and easing you into the message of the lyrics. When the chorus hits, you soar into that anthemic flow all over again. There is a great energy to the chorus that lifts your spirits and gets you hooked to the vibes of the track. The engaging movement of the music is wonderful and you so easily fall into it.

While the music has you soaring on anthemic movements, the vocals fully capture your imagination. The lyrics are really authentic and honest which is picked up by the vocals. The vocal performance is easy to connect with as they reach out through the soundscape and pull you into a companionable embrace. As you rise with the chorus, the vocals call out to your spirit and let you know that you are not alone in what you are feeling. The reflective edge of the music is artfully woven into the vocals as the duo considers that while we are all different, we all live as one and struggle through the same problems.

20 Year Short Break has you soaring on anthemic rock waves while leaving your worries behind through the epic tones of ‘Under the Moon, Under the Sun’. The music sweeps you into the anthemic flows from the first moment and keeps you engaged from start to finish. The vocals finish captivating you as they reflect on life and how we are all different yet go through similar things.

Find out more about 20 Year Short Break on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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