Luch Stefano – Night Ride (2021)

For approximately seven years, UK-based Luch Stefano has been entertaining audiences with his eclectic sound. Being raised on hip-hop and grime, one would assume Stefano would release music with strong beats underlying brash vocals, however, this is not the case. Yes, he incorporates powerful beats within his songs, but he draws on folk and pop sounds with warbling vocals instead of Eminem. Influenced by the likes of Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Post Malone, Damien Rice and Drake, Luch Stefano breaks boundaries in the UK music scene. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘Night Ride’.

From guitar and composition to songwriter and producer, Stefano does it all! A collaborative effort with producer Ed Stokes, ‘Night Ride’ has a toe-tapping and experimental sound. Showing progressive transitions from folk-pop acoustic guitar to a synth-influenced melody, the single is highly original and inimitable. What I find particularly intriguing about Stefano is his incorporation of amusing lyricism throughout the track. For instance, ‘Night Ride’ includes short soundbites talking about people being “chavvy” and “not liking you” making it far more entertaining.

Along with the toe-tapping instrumentation, Stefano’s rich vocals ensnare your senses and send shivers down your spine. Similar to Bruno Mars and Paolo Nutini, the bold dulcet tones add warmth and personality to the track. Teetering on the edge of sophisticated production and childish innocence, ‘Night Ride’ has joviality that is utterly infectious. It is difficult to describe the hard-hitting intimacy oozing forth from Stefano, but I can definitely try in one word: unbelievable.

Carrying you through the song with charm and elegance, ‘Night Ride’ is a tale of a casual relationship that was “always an adventure being able to just escape everything and go on playing our favourite music” – Stefano’s words, not mine. Feel-good with a happy tone, ‘Night Ride’ is simplistic; however, there is a light-hearted intricacy in the melodic arrangement making it a true representation of human souls. Bringing an edge to the singer-songwriter world, Stefano is a breath of fresh air in a stagnating pop scene. I cannot wait for more!

For more from Luch Stefano, check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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