7000apart – Player 2 (2022)

The duo 7000apart are following up their successful previous releases with the video game inspired ‘Player 2’. This anticipated single brings emotive vocals to lyrics that tug at your heart. The ballad comes off their crowdfunded album Feel Your Feelings and sets the tone of the ups and downs of life that fill its tracks.

Touching on the rollercoaster of their own lives and relationships, the band brings universal emotions and relatable touches to the single. Amelie Eiding and Jon Kresin first met in 2012, when Eiding was an exchange student. After she returned to her native Sweden, they started this project named after the distance between them. It was only in 2016 that the project became serious and transcended their relationship. Since then, they have released a number of singles and albums and had their single ‘Blank Check’ featured on MTV’s The Hills.

‘Player 2’ shimmers to life with a delicate tone that cascades through the opening like a glittering waterfall. Rising from beneath the glittering water are a soaring line and a tender piano line. There is a stripped-back feeling to the opening verse, only for the music to rise on the chorus. The beats are a clap in the background of the single that drops for that cascading waterfall to make a reappearance. At times, there is a rather dreamy vibe to the music, before it soars back into the chorus. There is a tender richness to the flow of the sound that starts the tugging at your heartstrings which is picked up by the vocals. While the melody is relatively stripped-back, there is a rise and fall to it that touches on the rollercoaster of emotions in the lyrics.

AS you ride the cascades, ups and downs of the melody, the vocals bring an emotive hit that is relatable yet somewhat devastating. Through the opening verse, there is an understanding of the inner strength we all have only to drop into uncertainty. The video game inspiration comes through in the chorus as the use of being player 2 brings the situation of being relegated to a secondary character to life. The chorus is where the duo really reaches into your chest to squeeze your heart and tug at your emotions. There is a heartsore feeling that lingers after the single ends, but this is soothed by the emotions at the end of the track. These emotions are the first step to moving on and realising that you are better than what you are getting.

7000apart reach into your chest and squeeze your heart as they strap you into the emotional rollercoaster of ‘Player 2’, leaving lingering pain long after the single ends. From glittering cascades to soaring dreamy vibes, the melody sets the rollercoaster tone for the single. Eiding’s vocals then reach into your chest and bring the pain of feeling like you are always in second place in a relationship.

Find out more about 7000apart on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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