Nico Benjamin – True Or Not (2022)

With the aim of creating music that supports people to escape daily habits and rediscover their dreams and ambitions, Nico Benjamin creates harmonic, poetic and heartfelt songs. Finding the line between pop and RnB, the Germany-based singer-songwriter draws a nostalgic 80s pop sentiment but with the edginess of contemporary beats. Featured on Roadie Music, MusikBlog, Info Music, We Write About Music and various streaming sites, Benjamin is gathering a loyal following on an international scale. The latest addition to his discography is the EP True or Not.

The second EP from this talented artist, True Or Not is a three-track exploration of silky vocals, kaleidoscopic melodies and cinematic soundscapes. The self-produced release is described as “walking a tightrope between recognition and uniqueness” as Benjamin brings new vibes to an already distinctive sound. From the opening title track through ‘Love & Anger Vs Boredom’ to ‘Fly Over’, Benjamin showcases his versatility and innovativeness as a musician. Simplistic, but with a complexity in the melodic arrangements, each of the singles has a specific je nais se quoi about them.

Navigating a sense of human complexity, True Or Not moves from mellow vibes to stronger, more powerful beats in its arrangement. One element that is retained throughout all three tracks is Benjamin’s dynamic vocals. Soft vocal executions in each song bring a hypnotic sensation as it sends shivers down your spine. Illustrating the beauty of simplicity, his dulcet tones carry you along a sonic river glistening with a melodic moonbeam.

Just as the placement of each track pushes you along the sonic river, they also make their way through the human spirit in a harmonic way. ‘True or Not’ has a wistfulness but wraps you in a warm gossamer blanket as Benjamin pushes a sense of empowerment and confidence. We move on to ‘Boredom Vs Love & Anger’ where he takes a turn to explore the stagnation of life with its mundaneness; however, he doesn’t end True Or Not with this state as we swiftly fly in ‘Fly Over’ where he touches once again on hard-hitting emotions.

While one might see similarities in the mellow sound of each track, the significant themes showcase a movement through human existence. Emotional, heartfelt and sincere, Nico Benjamin may have similar melodies in each track, but each track still has an overwhelming individuality. Overall, I really enjoyed the EP.

For more from Nico Benjamin check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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