Prince Joely – Enjoy Your Life (2021)

There are times when you just need to get away from everything in your life and head out to sun-drenched islands. This trip is exactly what Prince Joely offers us with his single ‘Enjoy Your Life’ which is packed with feel-good pleasure vibes. Using steel drums, springy guitars, reggae tones and some spacey ambience, he takes us as far away from life as possible, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

While Prince Joely dips into various genres and styles for his music, he heads into familiar territory for this instrumental track. Dripping with dub, groove and funk, the single slides across the waters of the soundscape for an experience of escapism. Written and produced by Joely, the single features Mo Douglas on bass and guitars.

‘Enjoy Your Life’ has a really groovy vibe that bops you into the easy waters of the music. There is a sunny feeling to the music that instantly relaxes you and fills your chest with the peace of warm days spent relaxing. The twang of the instrumentation slides into the steel drums that bubble like a brook. Under all of this is the endless sound of ocean waves that enhances the chilled vibes of the music. You can’t listen to the opening of this track and not feel the easy vibes lift the weight of responsibility from your shoulders. As you gently float down the melodic arrangement of the track, you start to feel the spacey atmosphere wash over you.

The electronic tones of the track start to make more of an appearance as the single progresses. The clapping tones give way to birds and an easy bass line. There is a touch of reggae to the soundscape that comes through on the organ but this perfectly merges with the happy vibes of the other instrumentation. This is an endlessly relaxing track that makes you long for warm days spent outside in the sun with a cold drink dripping condensation. If you are looking for a song that lets you relax and lifts your spirits for a moment, this is definitely the one you want to listen to.

Prince Joely has you drifting down a lazy river as the sun warms your skin and the steel drums lift your spirits in ‘Enjoy Your Life’. This instrumental track is a pleasure to listen to as it relaxes your muscles and fills your sense with feel-good sunny days. As you float down the river of sound, you are taken far away from the rush of modern life.

Find out more about Prince Joely on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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