A Chat with A Kind Of Man (08.06.20)

Hailing from Copenhagen, A Kind Of Man is the solo project of melodic lo-fi musician Bjørn Rosenquist. We had a chance to chat with this talented musician about his new EP A Kind Of Man, music videos and bad haircuts.

OSR: How did A Kind Of Man form?

AKOM: I’ve been working as a photographer for many years, but music has always been a big part of my life and who I am. Finally, I got around to kicking my ass so hard I actually got off my chair to try and pursue that white whale for real. One of the projects I started was called A Kind of Man and I thought it was a perfect name for my solo project. A Kind Of Man is the kind of man who can be what he wants to be. He can be whoever and whatever whenever he wants…and that’s me.

OSR: Did you always want to be a musician?

AKOM: I was pretty good at finding all sorts of things when I was around 7-10 years old, I think. I remember scuffling around finding knives, porn magazines, money, broken toys, jewellery and a ton of other trinkets and thingamabobs. If people asked me what I wanted to be as a grown-up, I said a ‘things finder’.

OSR: What can you tell us about the EP A Kind Of Man?

AKOM: Well, it’s my first and only release so far. Some of the songs I started writing ten years ago but never finished them. My main focus was to make lo-fi romantic indie-rock songs. I was a big Jeff Buckley and Nirvana fan in my teens and early twenties, so I knew my first release should somehow be in relation to that.

OSR: What inspired the music videos for your songs ‘Flip’ and ‘A Kind Of Man’?

AKOM: The videos are made by my friend and director Meeto. Here’s his words on that:

“The vision with the videos was to make a story about losing. About losing oneself and about losing each other. That everything has an end and that you only have each other on loan. A kind of ‘coming of age’ story of going from child to adult, while being a story of a father who must let go of his son who grows up and has to stand on his own. It all ends with a somewhat atypical ending you can see for yourself.”

OSR: Is there a constant theme to the tracks in A Kind Of Man?

AKOM: No, not really. The songs from my debut EP is a mix about being in a relationship with my ex and my own little world. Incidentally, my upcoming releases have moved on with me and are more about the world at large and all that crazy stuff that keeps happening out there.

OSR: Which was your favourite track to record and why?

AKOM: The song ‘Teddy Love’. It was the first song I made for the EP and my first single. I remember me and Julian Winding who produced it with me were crying out of joy when we finished it at around 4 pm on a week day. Totally wasted from drinking way too much whiskey. It was beautiful.

OSR: What about your least favourite track to record?

AKOM: The self-titled song ‘A Kind Of Man’. It was so hard getting all the instruments to fit without falling apart and sounding like crap. I actually almost gave up on it.

OSR: What is the worst haircut you have ever received?

AKOM: My dear mother used to cut me when I was a child and a teenager and always did a nice job, but ever since I moved out I’ve been cutting it myself. So, I have countless bad ones.

OSR: Where do you hope to be this time next year?

AKOM: Maybe at a mountain top somewhere in Tibet living alone with a goat and no connection to the outside world. I like the idea.

OSR: What do you do when you’re not creating music?

AKOM: Eating a lot of junk food, watching movies, playing croquet with friends, masturbate and creating photo ideas that may never see the light.

OSR: Do you have a message for our readers?

AKOM: I hope you enjoy my music; it’s not made by me.

Thanks to A Kind Of Man for chatting with us! You can find more about him on Facebook and YouTube.

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