A Band Called Tom – I Don’t Know What It Feels Like To Be Cool (2020)

Already featured on BBC Music Introducing, Mogg Blog, It’s All Indie and Chalkpit Records, new indie-rock artist A Band Called Tom is one of the fastest up-and-coming projects this year. The brainchild of Leeds-based Tom Besley, A Band Called Tom fuses jangle-pop with indie-pop and indie-rock breeding his unique sound. Having performed with the likes of The Manatees and The Covasettes, Tom is building a reputation for energetic performances with engaging music. The latest addition to his growing repertoire is the EP I Don’t Know What It Feels Like To Be Cool.

Recorded entirely over the Covid-19 lockdown, I Don’t Know What It Feels Like To Be Cool is set to “bring back a bit of the much-missed summer everyone is craving”. With its similarity to The Beach Boys and The Kooks, this EP has a summery vibe from ‘Coconuts (On Cloudy Days)’ to ‘Outro’. Yet, while there is a strong thread of encouraging upbeat melodies, the different tracks showcase diverse styles and sounds to A Band Called Tom. Ranging from the poppy ‘Coconuts’ to the Soundtramp-esque ‘I Don’t Know What It Feels Like To Be Cool’ and melancholic ‘Outra’, A Band Called Tom shows he is not an artist to be pigeon-holed.

Only five tracks in length, it could be difficult to portray any message of true significance; however, this is not the case with I Don’t Know What It Feels Like To Be Cool. Combining a catchy melody with meaningful lyricism, the EP is a sonic representation of common emotions felt by people throughout the past year. Looking at frustration, anxiety, confusion and uncertainty, I Don’t Know What It Feels Like To Be Cool is insightful, reflective and contemplative.

Moving from the jangly-pop ‘Coconuts (On Cloudy Days)’ to the simple, heartfelt acoustic ‘Can I Speak To The Manager’ and the melancholic, nostalgic ‘Outro’, A Band Called Tom illustrates his innovativeness as an artist. Layering his emotive vocals over dynamic instrumentation, Besley brings old-school Britpop to the new century with an enchanting twist. While the EP may refer to him not knowing what it feels like to be cool, A Band Called Tom exudes an effortless coolness from beginning to end.

For more from A Band Called Tom check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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