Kosmonauts – Lady Lovesick (2019)

Image courtesy of Kosmonauts

Kosmonauts are a four-piece alternative indie rock band from Manchester, United Kingdom. Rob Snarr, Callum Hollingsworth, Dean Chadwick, and Jake Pendlebury have been creating a unique style of music since 2017.

So what makes them different? A mix of passion, real-talk lyric writing, carefully crafted melodies, and powerful energy will send any listener into a whole new world.

On April 26th, Kosmonauts released their newest single entitled ‘Lady Lovesick’.  The power of the words and sound makes it abundantly clear that the band is putting every ounce of energy they have into this song. I can tell Snarr poured his heart and soul out when writing the lyrics. It’s raw emotions, and while that isn’t uncommon among artists, there’s something different.

I really liked this song. When compared to what I’ve been listening to recently, I wouldn’t consider this heavy at all, which is a nice change. I want to get up and dance around my room while singing along.

My thoughts are that the song is about someone who is afraid to stay in a relationship and be content. Not that there are commitment issues, but the thought of staying with one person scares them. They like the high they get from jumping into a new relationship. It seems that they can’t see what their actions are doing to those around them. They want to be in a loving and committed relationship, but they can’t keep themselves from going after someone else just to feel the rush, then get frustrated because they expected things to turn out differently.

I highly recommend Kosmonauts to anyone who is looking for a lighter more alt-rock sound, as opposed to heavy rock or pop punk.

To interact even more with Kosmonauts you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. ‘Lady Lovesick’ is also available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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