A Chat with M.I. (20.06.18)

Image courtesy of M.I.

It’s rare that The Other Side Reviews indulges in genres beyond rock, indie, and the sub-genres; however, now and then we like living it up a little elsewhere.  Moreover, when the indulgence involves a new and talented star – then you just have to!  This is an interview with the alternative RnB artist M.I., who you may know from Pitch Battle.  She took some time out to chat with writer Nicole Mendes and tell us about her new single, thoughts on feminism, and pet peeves.

OSR:  Our first question looks at your stage name.  What does M.I. stand for?

M.I.:  Thanks for having me!  Miss Informed, Miss Interpreted, Miss Independent.  To be honest, it doesn’t stand for anything, in particular.  I want it to be anything and everything I could ever think of, just free without boxing myself in.

OSR:  You released your single ‘Euphoria’ in May.  How did you go about writing it and why did you name it ‘Euphoria’?

M.I.:  Yes, I did!  I wrote it a couple of years back, and it was the first song I ever wrote.  I started improvising to an instrumental on YouTube, and it came together bit by bit.  I named it ‘Euphoria’ because it was the word that stood out the most to me.  It was also the emotion/feeling that flowed through the song.

OSR:  Do you think you are subject to certain expectations after winning Pitch Battle in 2017? I mean, do you think people in the industry will be harder on you than on a person who hasn’t been in that sort of setting?

M.I.:  I don’t know, to be honest.  The Pitch Battle win was a group effort.  As a solo artist, I’m still new to the industry. The music industry is a hard industry regardless, especially for females, so I think it will be difficult.

OSR:  Which musician would you love to collaborate with and who would you gladly stay clear of?

M.I.:  Jhené Aiko is definitely at the top of the list!  Don’t think there is anyone I would stay clear of.

OSR:  How would you describe your style to a person who has never heard of you?

M.I.:  Alternative RnB probably; just pure and chilled vibes.

OSR:  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

M.I:  Depends what I’m getting up for!  It ranges from thirty minutes to one hour.

OSR:  What would you rather do: mow the lawn, wash the dishes, vacuum the house or clean the bathroom?

M.I.:  Wash the dishes, I suppose.

OSR:  What makes you laugh the most?

M.I.:  I do! I amuse myself a lot.  Other than that, I would say, my mum.  Pretty sure I get my humour from her.

OSR:  Are there any plans for an album and potential tour in the future?

M.I.:  Maybe, you’ll have to stay tuned for that announcement.

OSR:  You recently signed with Her Music PR – a PR company focusing on female empowerment in the music industry.  How important do you feel feminism is in the 21st century?

M.I.:  I think it’s sad that we still have to fight and argue for equal opportunities for different genders, races etc.  I feel like because there still isn’t equality, feminism and any other movement, pushing for equality is important.

OSR:  Are you related to anyone famous?

M.I.:  Nope! I wish I were.

OSR:  What are two pet peeves?

M.I.:  Selfishness and insincerity.

OSR:  What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

M.I.:  Taking each day as it comes!

OSR:  Thank you for chatting with us and all the best for the future! 🙂

M.I.:  Hopefully, I will release more singles before the end of the year!

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