A Chat with Old Man’s Money (17.08.20)

Old Man’s Money can be summed up in their description – “50% British, 50% American and 100% bad-ass”. Based in Los Angeles, California, this Anglo-American quartet is breeding a new brand of alternative rock. Influenced by The Eagles to The Amazons, Old Man’s Money is rock and roll with a side of awesomeness. We spoke with Old Man’s Money about their upcoming single ‘Red Lights’, music videos and tickle-spots.

OSR: How did Old Man’s Money form?

Old Man’s Money: The two Brits (Aaron and Dan) have been playing music together for over a decade now. We moved out to LA and started Old Man’s Money. We met our drummer (Charlie) through our old bassist and I think we chased down our bassist (Nate) through Instagram and BandMix.

OSR: What is the backstory to ‘Red Lights’?

Old Man’s Money: I (Dan) was driving back from the rehearsal studio late one night. I was absolutely knackered and in my sleepy haze my mind wandered where minds wander and I shot through a red light – not my finest moment. Luckily, it was super-late and no one was around. It spawned the idea for the lyrics and after 4-5 failed demos I brought the song to the band who knew exactly where to take it.

OSR: You’ve worked remotely to release ‘Red Lights’, what was the experience like?

Old Man’s Money: It has been pretty good and we’ve made it work, fortunately. For us, it wasn’t too much of a change of process; we’ve always sent demos between each other online. I guess the biggest difference was not being able to get in one room and hash ideas out. We all miss that!

OSR: Would you recommend remote collaboration for musicians?

Old Man’s Money: I think it has certain benefits. Sending the track between each other and working on it in relative isolation gives everyone a chance for uninterrupted creative input. It’s great in a way because when you hit a dead-end you can just upload it and let someone else take the reins.

OSR: Do you think COVID-19 will have a lasting effect on the music industry?

Old Man’s Money: Oh, for sure. I think virtual experiences have been proven as a viable way for fans and artists to interact. I definitely don’t think they will replace going to see live music, but I think they will become supplementary to it. I hope gigs can go back to how they were, but, as it stands, I don’t want to be shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of sweaty randos. I don’t care who’s playing.

OSR: Looking at live performances, which has been your favourite venue to play and why?

Old Man’s Money: The four of us played a show at The Viper Room on Sunset like a night or two before lockdown went into effect here. The sound in there is incredible and the place just oozes cool. It just has such a storied history and an air of the good old days during the peak of the LA music scene.

OSR: If you had to compare yourselves to another band, who would it be and why?

Old Man’s Money: Hard question to answer, there are so many bands we take influence from; but, we would have to say Foals. Maybe that’s just because they’re one of our biggest influences. They always find a way to make a song step up to another level. That’s something we definitely keep in mind when writing.

OSR: Can we expect any music videos – homemade, of course.

Old Man’s Money: We’re working on some ideas. No guarantees, but I think and hope we’ll get something cool together.

OSR: If you could change careers right this second what would you do?

Old Man’s Money: I’d wanna retire, does that count? Working sucks. It is hard to think of something I would be happy doing all day every day that isn’t either playing music, eating or sleeping. Can you get paid to eat? I’d do whatever that career is.

OSR: What is the most ticklish spot on your body?

Old Man’s Money: You think I’m going to out my tickle-spots to your readers and the entire internet? Nice try…

OSR: What are your plans for the future?

Old Man’s Money: Write more songs. Should probably learn the guitar properly at some point.

OSR: Do you have a message for our readers?

Old Man’s Money: Thanks for reading. This is a cool magazine so keep supporting it. Stay safe and wear a damn mask, please.

Thanks to Old Man’s Money for chatting with us! You can find more about them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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