Paul Shepherd – Pieces (2020)

Taking inspiration from music such as Massive Attack’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, Paul Shepherd is capturing breaking free of a bad relationship in ‘Pieces’. The single was written years ago from his perspective, but the focus shifted when he placed a female lens on it. Combined with Tiffany L’s amazing vocals, the song took a different path and came to life as it is now.

The single is the second from his upcoming album Excessive Behaviour which is due to drop in October. Using his melodic electronic pop sound that crosses genres, he is capturing the hearts of fans. Further singles are being released to build up to the album release and gigs are soon to follow as soon as the world is open again.

Soulful and deep piano lines draw you into ‘Pieces’ before Tiffany L’s vocals wash over you. Her soulful tones work their way into your subconscious to further enthral you. Her performance is emotive and you can hear the breaking free of a terrible relationship in each word. In the chorus, her vocals gain this power that make it impossible to stop listening. The use of distorted vocals at times adds to the story of the single.

As the vocals captivate you, the melody continues to form a deep and rich foundation. The use of piano lines with electronic elements creates an interesting sonic experience. While this could be jarring as each fight for dominance, the arrangement is excellent as they meld and blend into this unified thread.

Looking through a female lens, Paul Shepherd captures the emotions of emerging from a terrible relationship in ‘Pieces’. Tiffany L’s vocals on the track are soulful and wrap around you. The combination of acoustic and electronic notes creates a melody with amazing depth.

Find out more about Paul Shepherd on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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