A Chat with Tadhg Daly (11.03.19)

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If you don’t know who Tadhg Daly is, then where have you been? Alright, honestly, we weren’t too sure about him either, but damn I’m glad his press release passed The Other Side Reviews’ desk! We may not know how to say his name, but do you really need to know all that when you’re listening to some awesome indie-pop? Taking time out, Tadhg talks name pronunciation, his upcoming single ‘Hit The Ground’, and swimming with jellyfish.

OSR: Hi, Tadhg, it’s great to be chatting with you. Now, I know this is an email interview, but for my piece of mind, could you tell me how to pronounce your name? I assume it’s Irish or Welsh?

TD: *laughs* That’s always the big question. It’s Irish, yes. It’s pronounced like ‘tiger’ without the ‘er’ sound, so sort of like tyge?

OSR: Moving on from the trivialities, we can get to the meat of the interview – your new single, ‘Hit The Ground’. Can you tell us what it’s about?

TD: For sure. To put it simply, the song for me is about having the courage to live a life that means something to you and that fulfils you. It’s about stepping outside of the fear that holds us back from pursuing our dreams and living in the possibility that we can achieve great things and live a passionate life.

OSR: Which did you find more challenging with this track, the writing or recording?

TD: Neither were particularly bad for this one actually! The recording was a breeze as the producer I worked with (Eliot James) is a genius and took the reins big time. The writing was a lengthy process, and the song went through many different forms, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it’s just what this song needed. Sometimes they write themselves and sometimes they need a lot of breathing time before finding the right spot.

OSR: What message are you hoping to convey with ‘Hit the Ground’?

TD: I think very similar to what I said about the meaning of the track. I’d love for people to hear the song and even just for a moment feel like a sense of optimism and inspiration.

OSR: When a person listens to your music or sees you perform, what are you hoping they’ll take away from the experience?

TD: I think what I really want from a live performance, in particular, is to create a genuine connection with the audience. It’s probably going to sound a little selfish, but one of the things I need from performing is the feeling of love and safeness you get from a room of people connecting with your music.

OSR: Did you always want to work in the music industry?  And if this ‘music thing’ doesn’t work out is there a back-up plan?

TD: There is no back-up plan, it will work.

OSR: You’ve already performed at Boomtown and the Isle of Wight, but is there any festival you have your eye on as THE festival to play?

TD: Hmmm… There is so many, to be honest! Coachella would be a big one for me. More locally, Barn on the Farm and Boardmasters are festivals I really admire.

OSR: How much time do you spend on social media?

TD: Wayyyyyyy more than I should. Before pursuing music properly I never used it and didn’t even have a phone! Now I’ve fallen into the trap of constantly checking my Instagram, etc. Writing this reminds me I need to stop that.

OSR: Would you rather spend a night in a cave filled with bats or swim in a tank filled with jellyfish?

TD: Tank of jellyfish, for sure.

OSR: What is the most inspirational quote you have ever heard?

TD: Love is what we are; we don’t get it from somebody, we can’t give it to anybody, we can’t fall in or out of it. Love is our true being. – Krishna Das

OSR: I know it’s premature, but are there plans for an EP or full-length any time soon?

TD: Not necessarily. For now I’m happy going single by single. 

OSR: What about your plans for the rest of 2019? What can your fans expect from Tadhg Daly in the near future?

TD: Loads of exciting tour dates throughout the year and lots of new music. Its going to be a really busy year from now.

OSR: Thanks so much for the chat Tadhg, and I look forward to seeing you when you hit Germany!

TD: Thanks for having me! I’ll be playing in Berlin the 10th to 14th April!

Thanks again to Tadhg for chatting with The Other Side Reviews. To connect with this talented artist, check out his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and official website.

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