Delicate Steve – Till I Burn Up (2019)

Image of Delicate Steve playing an electric guitar.
Image credit to Eleanor Petry

Delicate Steve is a solo rock instrumentalist from Fredon, New Jersey, and has released his album Till I Burn Up on March 1st. He first graced us with his music in 2011.

The album kicks off with the track ‘Way Too Long’. It starts with a beat and a heavy bass sound, and it has a very 80s sound to it. The guitar work is great, and all the sounds seem to work very well together. The track ‘Freedom’ starts with a distorted guitar sound and a beat. It has a very catchy sound and rhythm, and the guitar riffs are amazing. The bass is nice and heavy.

The track ‘Selfie Of A Man’ starts with a beat, and then the guitar riffs kick in. There’s a great rock sound in this track, and it has great rock guitar riffs. The beat is very catchy. ‘Till I Burn Up’ starts with guitar riffs and a slow beat; it’s very soothing. The bass is still strong but not very heavy. The track ‘Purple Boy’ starts with keyboard sounds and, again, sounds very 80s, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It has synthesisers and all the works, and it makes you feel like you’ve been thrown into a time machine. It has high-pitched gentle guitar riffs.

The track ‘Ghost’ starts with a beat; then gentle guitar riffs kick in. It’s very soft and gentle sounding, and it has synthesisers throughout the track. ‘Rat In The House’, again, sounds extremely 80s with the synths and the background sounds. It has a solid bass line and great guitar riffs. The track ‘Rubberneck’ starts with a beat, and then the bass kicks in, and it’s powerful – a bit like a night club song. It still has the great guitar riffs throughout, and it all goes well together.

‘We Ride On Black Wings’ starts with a beat, and then a bass sound starts. Keyboard sounds start and are great. It’s a slower song than the others, and it has lots of different sound effects making it sound very eerie. The track ‘Vacant Disco’ starts with a beat noise, and then different sounds begin. The guitar riffs sound great as they play over the sounds of the synthesisers.

‘Madness’ starts with a beat, followed instantly by synth sounds and guitar riffs. It sounds like an 80s rock song and could be the theme tune to a movie. The track ‘Dream’ starts with a gentle and quiet beat which gradually gets louder. Keyboard sounds start, and not long after guitar riffs follow them. It’s a slow rock song and is very soothing.

If you’re a fan of 80s rock, then this is the album for you. It has synths, keyboard sounds, electric guitar, all the works. It’s definitely worth checking out, and the record is out now. To engage with Delicate Steve, check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or official website.

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