The Trusted – Vellichor (2021)

Through the interplay of gentle and powerful tones in ‘Vellichor’, The Trusted take an emotion and turn it into an engaging single. Tapping into nostalgia, the single considers how many of us use memories of the past as a balm to soothe the pains of the present. With lyrics that tell the story of a person unhappy with the present and the way life has turned out, they fill you with the protagonists longing for a time long gone.

All of this is set to a really wonderful retro soundscape that blends synths with indie rock arrangements. Dave Batchelor, Dale Holt-Mead, Fin Cunningham and Tom Cunningham combine their enthusiasm for Brit-rock with modern storytelling to showcase a new side of their musicality. After meeting in high school, the band has been amazing listeners with their fusion of old and new.

‘Vellichor’ gently sweeps open with a light dusting of nostalgia and a sense of awakening. The light tones of the opening are met by a moving lower level that drives you forward. The interplay between the tones brings a sonic representation of the theme of the track as the soothing light tones ease the darker moving lower levels. This offers a feeling of two parts of life coming together and creating the multi-faceted life we all know. As the single progresses, there is a pulse to the melody that has you going wild with the guitars before a tender question enters the soundscape.

The moving arrangement of the melody provides the perfect foundation for the smooth vocals. As the vocals enter, there is a feeling of innocence and vulnerability to them. This allows the lyrics to sink into your soul as you are drawn into the story of someone who is not happy with how life is going. The chorus offers a catchy sing-along that you are sure to shout out with. It is a really addictive chorus that will pop up in your brain throughout the day. As the melody dips later in the track, the vocals gain a slightly pained and melancholic feeling. This enhances the delicately laced longing that is part of the entire single.

The Trusted soothe the pain of the present with the nostalgic balm of the past through the catchy and layered tones of ‘Vellichor’. The melody brings the intertwining of past and present to sonic glory while the vocals sweep you up in the emotive tale of the lyrics. With emotions that are all too easy to connect with, the single has you hooked from start to finish with the chorus lingering in your brain.

Find out more about The Trusted on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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