Aaron Yorke – Jail (2020)

Inspiration for an acoustic ballad often comes from struggles, either your own or someone close to you. This was the case for Aaron Yorke when he penned the piano-driven ‘Jail’. Inspired by his daughter’s struggle with anxiety, this hauntingly beautiful single will wrap around your heart and squeeze. Steeped in vulnerability and pain, this single will leave you shaking and wanting to make a difference.

Through this single, he is hoping to raise awareness of childhood mental health and make a small change in some way. An award-winning singer-songwriter, Yorke has been live gigging for years and recently released his EP Storms. This single is part of his the EP which touches on deep and sensitive topics using his crafted musical style.

‘Jail’ starts with a young girl talking about her coping mechanism before the gentle piano lightly enters. The soft piano line combines with this beat that drives you forward and these background notes that add a little something to the melody. The melody has a gentle crescendo in the chorus as Yorke’s vocals plead with you. While the melody seems simple on the surface, there are a few layers working together, much like anxiety and the struggles to cope.

Yorke’s vocals drive the message of the single home. His performance is vulnerable and imploring while drenched in a sense of hopelessness. However, he lets you know that you are not alone while portraying the emotions of those seeing their loved ones struggling. As the song progresses, you can hear a sense of pride within his performance. His performance is so powerful and emotive that it really shakes you to the core.

Aaron Yorke takes you through the vulnerability, pain and pride of seeing someone you love struggle with mental illness in ‘Jail’. This ballad leaves you an emotional wreck but also helps you feel that things will get better.

Find out more about Aaron Yorke on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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