Garrette & Axel – Beautiful (2020)

Being in love can be an intense time and there are moments when you think that your partner might just be the death of you. Garrette Simmonds and Axel Jed Alinsub of the aptly named band Garrette & Axel bring these times to life with their single ‘Beautiful’. Fusing their Caribbean and Asian backgrounds, they use a unique blend of sounds to work through the emotions of these situations.

The influence of their different backgrounds resulted in the intriguing reggae-pop sound this single is immersed in. It also takes a step back from the usual pop songs you hear. Inspired by personal experience, the duo takes you on a sonic experience that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

The stop-start dance vibe of ‘Beautiful’ gets you into the fun vibes of the track. The electronic notes get you into the beat and make you want to dance to the song. The lively melody has this energy that is so infectious and you can’t help but have some fun while listening. The influences of the pair’s backgrounds are lightly present in the melody, but there is something that is purely them to it.

As you are dancing to the melody, the vocals add a second layer of energy. Simmonds and Alinsub shine on the song as their vocals meld together and bolster the vibes of the melody. When they hit the chorus, you are forced to sing along because it is too catchy not to. You can easily see this being a big summer hit that is constantly played on the radio and in every store. There is just something happy-go-lucky about the track that you can’t get enough of.

Garrette & Axel have you bopping to their infectious blend of sounds with ‘Beautiful’. The song is an instant summer hit that you can dance to, have fun listening to and just simply enjoy. The engaging melody and vocals transport you to happy days even as the lyrics look at something a bit deeper.

Find out more about Garrette & Axel on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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