Nightly Gatherings – Quiet Village (2021)

There are times when you just want to leave all the responsibilities of life behind and find somewhere quiet to spend time with a loved one. These moments have been gently collected by Nightly Gatherings and turned into the desire to escape that is ‘Quiet Village’. Laced with a reminder for all of us that there is something more out there that we just need to find, the single lets us leave our daily worries at the door for a few moments.

While Connor Johnson, the man behind the music, has been producing music for seven years under this moniker, this track marks his vocal debut. It is also a delightful teaser for his debt album Tethered Together. With a sound that bridges the gap between electronic pop and folktronica, Nightly Gatherings captivates the mind and lets your senses soak up a moment of escape.

The natural sounds that open ‘Quiet Village’ merge perfectly with the folktronica tones of the melody. There is a very interesting tone to the melody as it brings an almost acoustic undertone to the electronic distortion of the higher levels. This is a truly unique sound that brings the message of the track to life in a truly astonishing manner. At times the movement of the electronic tones can feel slightly overwhelming and fills you with the urge to escape only to flow into the freedom of being away from everything. This perfectly highlights the vocals and helps to remind us that there is something more out there. Through the music, you can feel part of your soul reaching out and trying to find the thing that will bring us solace.

The spoken-word vocals that break through the opening movement are perfect as they really set the scene for the song. As the vocals gain an electronic edge after that opening line, they lose none of their easy power. The lyrics have you wanting to head out to a small village with someone you care about without any worry for the repercussions. The shouts that make their way through the music create a bouncing feeling of joy and excitement that you really get into. The vocals and music come together wonderfully to really get you hooked into the escapism of the track.

Nightly Gatherings uses an interesting mixture of folktronica and electronic pop to fill you with the freedom of escapism and put a smile on your face with ‘Quiet Village’. The music hooks you into the single from the first moment before sending out searching tendrils of your soul as you look for solace. The vocals fill you with the urge to get out of daily life and find somewhere quiet to be with a loved one.

Find out more about Nightly Gatherings on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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